Poldaw Windpumps will operate in wind speeds as low as 3 metres per second or 6 ¾ miles per hour. This is why windpumps have many blades; they must be able to start up under load in the lightest of breezes in order that they will operate on most days of the year and in locations not likely to be especially windy. (A wind generator of similar size, on the other hand, utilises a higher range of windspeeds and must be either sited on exposed hilltops or else be ineffective for many more days of the year). A range of tower heights is available, selected to suit local topography and wind conditions; for example a sheltered site may require a tall tower. If you are in doubt about the suitability of your site, for the installation of a windpump, GB Windpumps can advise you on the best solution for your circumstances. The pump will need to be submerged in the medium that requires pumping. The tower and blades will need to be located directly over the pump. If water from a river needs to be pumped a trench is generally dug and a pipe is laid with some form of grill. This pipe feeds a chamber, normally concrete rings, which will previously have been installed using an excavator and a crane.

Note: In areas of special environmental interest, grants may be available for the purchase and installation of a windpump.