People have for centuries used the power of the wind for lifting water. In the last century many thousands of windpumps were used in countries such as Australia and the USA to provide water for farming purposes and these contributed greatly to the development and prosperity of these countries.

Many of the windpump designs developed about a hundred years ago have proved to be very robust and reliable, and it is believed that around one million windpumps are today still providing water in some of the world's more remote areas. The problems that they have presented however, particularly in developing countries, are those of high initial cost, difficulty of local manufacture, and the need for regular maintenance. These characteristics are inherent in the designs, which have not evolved substantially during this century.

The Poldaw range of Windpumps was developed to address these issues, bringing modern engineering design know-how to this classic machine. They are effective in developing countries to solve the problems of providing clean water in remote areas and in the developed world, where the need for cost-effective water pumping and environmentally friendly solutions make the Poldaw Windpump an attractive option.

Neale Consulting Engineers Limited are the designers of the Poldaw range of Windpumps. There is further information available on NCEL and on Poldaw Windpumps on their website. Please click  the Pd symbol to be directed to their website.